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Knowledge Management

Knowledge has become and is still becoming a key productive factor besides the traditional resources of land, labor and capital in today's knowledge-based economy. ATE is competing on the basis of knowledge that produces and differentiates their products and services.

Knowledge management (KM) is a spiraling up process where people in organizations must consciously and frequently, with the aid of the appropriate technologies, capture the knowledge that already exists somewhere internally and externally or create new knowledge; embody it; share it; disseminate it; use it; evaluate it; improve it; reuse it and repeat such a process.

KM emerged as a management concept in the 1990s and immediately became important as a new source of competitive advantage. Since then, KM has been proven to be more fundamental instead of just a passing fad and acknowledged as a key factor for sustainable competitiveness, long-term survival and growth of the company.

ATE has embarked KM journey since December 2001 with focus on reusing the existing common knowledge and converting individual experience into organizational knowledge so as to continuously improve quality of products, systems, services and solutions.

Both ATE and its customers have enjoyed the benefits of Knowledge Management: efficiency, competitiveness, consistency and quality.

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Knowledge Management
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