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ARJAY Oil Water Analyzer

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Arjay Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process and environmental products for over 20 years. Main facilities are located in Toronto of Canada, the product tradenames include "Arjay", "HydroSense" and "Enmet".

HydroSense 2410.jpg                      Fluorocheck II.JPG                           Oil Water Separator Monitor.jpg     
   HydroSense 2410                         Fluorocheck II                      Oil/Water Seperator Monitor

Oil Thickness Monitor.jpg                           Floating Oil Spill Alarm.jpg            HydroSense 3420.jpg
Oil Thickness Monitor                  Floating Oil Spill Alarm                   HydroSense 3420

Gas Transmitter.jpg                        Plugged Chute Detector.jpg                         Oil-Water Separator.jpg

    Gas Transmitter                        Plugged Chute Detector                        Oil/Water Separator


Email to or fax to (+65) 6565 7717.

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