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Established in the Republic of Singapore in 1998, Asia Technology & Engineering Pte Ltd ("ATE") is a specialist company providing System Integration (SI) for process & environmental analytical systems serving for industrial process (oil & gas, refinery, chemicals, natural gas, iron & steel, power generation plant); environmental monitoring (air & water quality, emission, waste incineration, ppm oil-in-water); flammable & toxic gas detection; Super NIR laboratory instruments, metal analyzers, inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES).  ATE is an Engineering Services Provider as well focusing on instrumentation, control & electrical engineering.

ATE is the preferred choice by world-class reputable customers to provide total analytical systems integration and engineering solutions. We are committed to provide fast turnaround with Premium Quality at Competitive Prices.

ATE is specialized in the field of process equipment package, process analytical systems, water quality analysis & monitoring systemsair quality analysis & emission monitoring systems, instrumentation, control and electrical engineering. ATE serves its customers by providing a possibly full range of engineering services from design to fabrication, assembly, installation, testing, commissioning and servicing. Our customers can have their customized package from our wide range of services as this allows them to focus on their core businesses knowing that they are in good hands.

Since its inception in 1998, ATE has been providing analysis, instrumentation, control and electrical engineering services for process industry including oil & gas, petrochemicals & chemicals, environmental analysis & monitoring, pharmaceutical, power generation, water treatment plants, onshore & offshore facilities. ATE convinced its reputable clients with timely delivery of quality services in engineering, procurement, construction, installation and revamping projects since its establishment. ATE steadily grew and expanded its business to systems integration and fabrication of gas compression and process skids. Since 2001, a group of elites with average 20 to 30 years of experience in process equipment, process analytical systems and process industry has brought ATE to today's new height: a leading system integrator for analytical systems & process equipment packages and a preferred engineering services provider for instrumentation, control and electrical engineering in Asia.

In ATE, the efficient and effective business operations are managed professionally by a group of talents who possesses degrees in the disciplines of engineering, science, finance, business and administration.

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