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Colifast AS is a Norwegian biotechnology company founded in 1992. All research, development and manufacturing is done in-house. Colifast is a world leader in development and delivery of automated instruments for detection of fecal contamination. The Colifast technology is used to monitor water and food quality in order to protect public health and environment.The rapid methods combined with early warning options provide information long before the traditional laboratory results are available. In addition, the Colifast instruments perform fully automated analysis at site and reduce risk of errors during sampling, transportation and sample preparation.

Colifast ALARM can automatically sample water, perform microbiological analysis and turbidity measurement and alarm the user. Detection of Coliforms: presence of >1 E.coli, thermotolerant coliform or total coliform in 100ml water sample. Rapid results within 6-14 hours and results can be transmitted to operator via industrial interfacing, LAN or GSM mobile network, as well as visual and audio alarms on site. Applications: waterworks, drinking water, tap water, water distribution network, remote lab and etc.

Colifast CALM automatically samples flowing water at the source and perform microbiological analysis. The level of E.coli, thermotolerant coliforms, total coliforms or P. aeruginosa in water sample will be detected. Rapid results within 4-12 hours and results can be transmitted via industrial LAN or GSM network. Applications: waterworks, raw water, environmental water, rivers, recreational water, waste water, food & beverage plants.

Colifast Field Kit can estimate fecal contamination of environmental samples within 2 hours. In addition to the rapid screening test, it also includes methods for quantitative and presence or absence results.

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Colifast's patented technology is comprised of unique media formulations and instrument detection systems, which significantly reduce the time from sampling to result. Traditional microbial testing in the laboratory is time-consuming, whereas Colifast's rapid and simple test procedures present results within only 2 to 12 hours. No laboratory facilities and minimal skills in microbiology are required to perform the tests from Colifast.

The Colifast technology is based on a chemical reaction between a substrate in the growth medium and enzymes produced by the coliform bacteria. The bacterial enzyme β-D-galactosidase hydrolyses the substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-β-D-galactoside, which results in the release of the fluorescent product 4-methylumbelliferone (MU).

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