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Consider the facts: as a leading contract manufacturer for process analytical systems, ATE has been involving quality & timely assembly & installation works for almost any types of process analyzer houses or shelters since 2001. By doing so, ATE has a better understanding on Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Systems in the analyzer house or shelters. That is why ATE can be one of your most preferred choices in Pre-FAT and FAT Testing Services excluding major process analyzers.


● As per customer's requirements
● Alarm & Safety Panel: logic checking & testing (relay or PLC-based) per Cause & Effect
● Basic Analyzer: functional testing & calibration
● Cables & Wires: cold & hot loop checking
● Conventional Instrument: pressure & temperature transmitter calibration or switch testing
● Gas Detector: functional testing & calibration
● HVAC: functional testing
● HVAC Control System: functional testing and modification (if required)
● Power Distribution Board (PDB): functional testing
● Safety Equipment: functional test for Horn, Beacon, Manual Call Point, Smoke, Flame & Heat Detector
● Sample Conditioning System (SCS): relief valve & regulator setting & functional testing


Email to or fax to (+65) 6565 7717.

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