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Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI) measures gas, air, dust & water, thermographic imaging temperature and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of analytical and measurement instrumentation for industrial process, environment, laboratory and transportation..

In late 1990’s, FPI was established in California USA for research and development of Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology and applications. In 2002, FPI successfully expanded the steel Industry where the in-situ TDLAS made by FPI was acknowledged as benchmark monitor for process gases measurement. Inspired by recognition of the industries, FPI extended its business from monitoring of process to emission, ambient air and waste water. Truly satisfied the customers with improved safety control, productivity and environmental protection. The featured products include thermographic imaging technology-based temperature screening & fever detection system for non-stopping crowds movement with high accuracy from remote monitoring.

As a public listed company, combining global expertise with local support, FPI delivers only the cutting-edge technologies of analytical instrumentation with an easily accessible networks worldwide. FPI continues to improve its local presence through subsidiaries and distributors aiming to provide optimal services to industries, municipalities and institutes.

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Thermographic-Imaging-Based Infrared Fever Screening System (IFSS)

1. For non-stopping crowds flow (300-400 persons/min) with multi-target AI software;
2. Temperature screening & fever detection from 3-5m away for large safety distancing;
3. Fever auto-alarm & e-recording.

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Infrared Fever Screening System (IFSS)
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