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In energy & power industry, boilers and turbines are attacked from corrosive elements like Calcium, Chloride, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphates, Silica, Sodium and etc. With our quality Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS), all these elements can be measured and monitored accurately so as to protect the power plant from suffering heavy mechanical damage, low efficiency, deposition on turbine blades and corrosion of piping systems. The standard SWAS consists of Sample Conditioning System (SCS) and Sample Analysis System (SAS).


● Location classification: Zone 1 or 2, IIB or IIC
● Operating Temperature: up to 60 degree C
● Sample Conditioning System (Wet Panel): consisting of sample lines on P&ID
● Manual Isolation Valve: selected for appropriate pressure and temperature
● High Pressure Blowdown Valve: remove any particulate build up in line
● Primary Cooler: counterflow sample cooler. SS316 tube & SS304 shell.
● Pressure Reducing Valve: provide proper sample flow and pressure reduction
● Thermal Shut-off Valve (TSV): isolate sample line at high temperature
● Secondary Cooler: counterflow sample cooler. SS316 tube & SS304 shell
● Pressure and Temperature Indicator: Clearly visible to operate personel
● Flow Indicator: proper range for particular analyzer being serviced
● Back Pressure Regulator: protect cell or analyzer from sample overpressure
● Sample Sink: grab sample facility
● Analysis Module: consisting of various analyzers such Conductivity, pH, Oxygen, Hydrazine, Silica, Sodium, Phosphate & etc.
● Control & Monitor Panel: SS304/SS316 enclosed structure, built in accordance with specification required by customer. Appropriate cutout for the instrument and components installed and rear door for access to repair or replace components inside. Easy operation and maintenance.
● Skid: HGD / SS304 / SS316


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